If Feren OS was to ever block Snaps, here’s how I’d want to go about doing it

The Store

Application Sources in Store Settings

FYI I might not add the blockade for switching off Snaps in the real thing now that I know you can’t install Snaps user-wide, but can only install system-wide (also excuse any misspells in here… I rushed this concept a bit because it was taking a while to create and there were people wanting to see this concept too when I was busy working on this settings concept… also sorry elementary OS)


Flatpak (global switch)

Flatpak (‘Add a Flatpak Remote’)

Flatpak (‘Remove [insert repository’s name here]’)

Other Application Sources

Store Application Listings

Installing applications when they’re technically unavailable

  • An available application’s install button will say “Install”
  • However a technically unavailable application’s install button will say “Install…”
(Google Chrome is unavailable in this screenshot because the repository for Google Chrome is disabled)

Terminal-only management

  • Either command-not-found will state to go to the Store -> Settings -> Application Sources to toggle Snap or Flatpak on if trying to use either command when the tools are not installed
  • or command-not-found will open the Store automatically to the page of the appropriate application source to quickly enable it (the first idea will be used if running as Root)
  • or command-not-found will direct users to a quick Terminal command to disable or enable application sources from a single command (e.g.: something like ‘feren-store-sources --enable-flatpak’).





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