Unlike the last snapshot, this is a ‘calm before the storm’ snapshot as Feren OS’s new Store and new icon set update are in the works and neither of them are anywhere near ready yet.

Anyway, today, I’m proud to announce the release of Feren OS 2021.10. These releases are…

This is just a short announcement to let users know about what will happen with Firefox in Feren OS in 2022.

As some may know, our upstream, Ubuntu, has confirmed plans to, as per Mozilla’s request, turn the Firefox package in their repositories into one that, like Chromium before it…

Writer’s note (22/9/2021): It’s important to stress that this is an opinionated post, much as it does highlight a problem that may otherwise may not become prevalent until it’s too late for users, and to help users understand what their expectations should be for consistent designs across applications in Feren…

I’m writing this post to inform users about the reasons of the recent removal of Chromium in Feren OS’s Web Browser Manager.

Before I continue, however, I’d like to note that this DOES NOT currently affect Feren OS Classic and all Feren OS versions based on Ubuntu 18.04 …

Fun Fact: I originally thought this was going to be a minor snapshot, as a ‘calm before the storm’ as Feren OS’s new Store and new icon set update are in the works… little did I know I was wrong.

Anyway, today, I’m proud to announce the release of the…

After being delayed by a minor version, I’m happy to announce the release of KDE Plasma 5.22 to Feren OS’s latest release, now available via Update Manager!

You can see what the changes to KDE Plasma upstream are at https://kde.org/announcements/plasma/5/5.22.3/

Feren OS specific patches

As always, there are some patches made to Plasma in…

That namesake quote has been exchanged around for quite a while, between many people, and even a certain Desktop Environment’s own culture.

However, here’s my take on it… in short, that, as a blanket statement, isn’t the case right now, but it is fairly true for a specific target audience.

The Traditional Desktop

So… I accidentally forgot to renew the keyring for the Feren OS repository before it expired. My bad, I completely forgot to renew it in time.

Anyway, this article isn’t about that but rather how to renew the key on existing Feren OS installs since this now affects all Feren…

This post will guide you through how to upgrade the following Feren OSs to a newer Feren OS base:

  • Feren OS 2016.1
  • Feren OS 2016.2 (including Updates 1 and 2)
  • Feren OS 2017.0
  • Feren OS August 2017 Snapshot
  • Feren OS October 2017 Snapshot
  • Feren OS January 2018 Snapshot
  • Feren OS…

It’s with a very heavy heart that I must announce that today marks the end of the Ubuntu 16.04-based Feren OS era. This means the following versions of Feren OS have finally joined 2015.X in having reached End of Life:

  • Feren OS 2016.0/1
  • Feren OS 2016.2 …

The Feren OS Dev

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